Concrete Structures

With over three decades of experience, Jalisco International, Inc. stands as a leader in Colorado infrastructure construction.

  • Foundations: Including spread footings, mat foundations, drilled shafts, and pile caps.
  • Bridges: This includes both vehicular and pedestrian bridges, using various designs like arch, beam, cantilever, suspension, and cable-stayed.
  • Retaining Walls: Structures designed to resist the lateral pressure of soil, especially in areas with varying elevations or for roadway support.
  • Culverts: Used for directing water flow beneath roads, railways, or pathways.
  • Elevated Highways and Ramps: Raised roadways, often seen in urban settings.
  • Drainage Channels: Structures designed to direct water flow and manage stormwater.
  • Concrete Barriers: Used for traffic management and security purposes.
  • Sound Walls or Noise Barriers: Erected between highways and residential areas to reduce noise pollution.

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